Experience Maui, Hawaii without Tourist Crowds

Whenever you imagine your dream vacation in a tropical destination, it almost never includes you and your family trying to navigate your way through hundreds of people on the beach. You most likely are looking to enjoy miles of coastline in solitude. Nearly three million people visit the Hawaiian Island of Maui each year. Hawaii is definitely one of the world’s top travel destinations. Maui is known for its spectacular beaches, amazing farm-to-table cuisine, incredible natural beauty, miles of coastline, and magnificent sunrises and sunsets. Here’s how you can escape the crowds during your Maui vacation.

Visit Hana via Helicopter

There’s no better way to explore the remote rainforest than taking to the skies on a seventy-five-minute tour with Maverick Helicopters. The tour allows visitors to explore the island’s photogenic north shore and spot seaside mansions, waterfalls, and the iconic Jurassic Rock. The helicopter takes visitors to Wailua Valley where they can enjoy sweeping views of the surrounding landscape as they eat fresh mango.

Drive the Iconic Road to Hana and Stay Overnight

If you’re looking to experience culture and adventure in Maui, drive the winding Road to Hana and explore the beautiful sleepy little towns along the way. Don’t be in a hurry to get back. You don’t want to miss out on the incredible sights the rural area has to offer. Stay overnight at Travaasa Hana and wake up to a spectacular sunrise hike at Fagan’s cross, famous pools at Oheo Gulch, the black sand beach, and waterfalls. 

Experience Local Voluntourism

Whether you’re interested in environmental conservation, the ocean ecosystem, or beach cleanups, there are plenty of opportunities to give back in Maui. You can give a helping hand to one of the nonprofit organizations on the Island by turning your holiday into a voluntourism trip. As a volunteer, you get to work directly with the locals, which mean you won’t have to worry about huge tourist crowds during your voluntourism.  

Find a Secluded Beach

Are you willing to put in the extra effort to find a secluded sandy beach with fewer crowds? You’ll have to forget popular beaches such as Kapalua Bay Beach, Ka’anapali Beach, and Wailea Beach. These beaches are often crowded. On your way to Hana you’ll find Hamoa Beach where you can enjoy miles of coastline for yourself. Another beach that’s often uncrowded is the Oneʻuli Black Sand Beach in Makena State Park.

Head to the Mountains

For once, you’ll have to venture to the mountains and stay away from the beaches. Remember almost every traveler is coming to Maui to experience its magnificent sunsets and spectacular beaches. Why don’t you head upcountry and enjoy activities such as horseback riding, hiking, biking, mountain biking, and more. Haleakala National Park features the 11-mile Sliding Sands Trail, which leads visitors down into the magnificent Haleakala Crater. When you get to the summit, take a step back to enjoy the breathtaking views reminiscent of the moon’s surface. The park is considered one of the quietest places on earth. You can avoid sunrise crowds at the park and hike around 8 am or during the mid-morning hours when there are fewer people.